Importance of Apparel Industry in B2B and B2C Marketplace The literal meaning of apparel is ‘clothing’ which defines this as the clothing industry. Till the 70s the fashion industry was seen as the industry which made clothes for the elite and apparel clothing functioned to produce clothes for the ‘masses’. However, later on the two segments joined together to become as one industry. This industry now works to manufacture and fulfil the demands of apparel worldwide and is also known as the industry which makes and sells fashion clothing. How big is this industry? This industry is one of the biggest industries in the 21st century. The industry consists of different levels which include haute couture for the elite, luxury wear, sportswear, mainstream clothing and discount clothing. Furthermore, the industry is made up different sectors. Those include the following the people who create the raw material, fabric manufacturers, also people who design, distribute, market, retail and advertise the clothing. Hence, millions of people are involved in this industry. The global apparel industry: The fashion industry firstly developed in Europe but later on apparel clothing manufacturing companies were more prevalent in the USA. However, now this industry is highly globalized. A UK based fashion company might have its fabric made in Pakistan, manufactured in India or Vietnam and sold in Germany. The global apparel market was estimated to be almost above 1.6 trillion US dollars One of the biggest players in this game is china. China is considered to be one of the greatest apparel clothing exporters worldwide. China sells apparel cheap to companies worldwide as it has manufacturing power. The total retail sale in china was estimated to be over 6665 billion Yuan in 2012. Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are also seen as hot favourite for foreign based retail garment manufacturing companies to use the cheap labour in those countries and obtain apparel which can be sold at a higher profit in the home country. Wholesale apparel clothing: Another flourishing business within the apparel industry is that of wholesale trade. Wholesale apparel companies target all including men, women and even kids. High quality wholesale clothing is so sought after all over the world. Clothing suppliers prefer to buy at wholesale rates. This is much popular in brand clothing. These brands otherwise too expensive to buy are chosen by wholesale apparel importers in different countries to be sold in their country which is in turn profitable as they buy at wholesale cheap rates. The one stop for apparel business online: Apparel clothing is a mega industry and has sheer importance worldwide and in the B2B and B2C marketplace. The wholesale apparel industry is also flourishing rapidly and is highly profitable. Online shopping is highly profitable and Sawdagger showcases huge range of apparel for buyers of fashion at home, wholesalers in the industry or general suppliers. It is a one stop platform for all types of clothing and is immensely used by importers and exporters all over the world. :
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