Importance of Home Appliances & Gadgets Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace MARKET RESEARCH- CONSUMER APPLIANCE INDUSTRY: The home appliance industry encompasses home appliances suppliers, retailers, dealers and forwarders which sell everything from telephones, stereo components, televisions, radio, clocks, calculators, video cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, VCRs, DVD and MP3 players on super marts, shopping malls and cash and carry wholesalers. According to industry observers the desktop and laptop manufacturers are part of the electronic industry. The importance of home appliances & gadget industries in B2B and B2C marketplace can be analyzed by the fact that consumers spent more than $75 billion on consumer electronic products for their homes. The home appliance industry employs a host of electronic and manufacturing design engineers, creative designers, marketers, managers, researchers, planners, IT experts, salespeople, customer service representatives, and financial analysts who are collaboratively responsible for making improvements regarding product to make next big must-have gadget. LIFE ON THE CUTTING EDGE: The people who are working in the consumer electronics industry consider it to be a gadget lover's dream has come true. The home appliance online store also involved creative engineers who are serving the industry as agents of change. Due to changing technology and consumer preferences the advent of smart homes, smart cars, and smartphones are seen in houses as well the workplaces. Things have become mobile now, as the consumer is is living in a fast lane and is quick in communicating and sharing information and spending leisure time in the most entertaining way. The consumer electronic products have become a part of the culture. Moreover, unique kitchen gadgets are facilitating the B2C segment with broad range of appliances including mixer grinder, juicers, toasters, bun warmers etc. The home appliances and gadget online directory also entails the list of manufacturers and suppliers with their extensive product portfolios. GLOBAL APPLIANCES INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: It is a fact that most of the consumer electronics products are produced in Asia at low labor-cost locations. The global main appliance industry is predicted to reach 4% annual growth by the end of 2015. The recovery of the wider economy leads to recovery in the consumer goods. This relative increase is expected to be generated from the housing market as the consumer begins to upgrade their houses with superior equipment as income level rises. The home appliances and gadget importers and exporters want to keep their businesses set in line with innovative product and design in established markets such as Europe, UK, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, EU , Taiwan and the US. SAWDAGGER A UNIVERSAL PLATFORM: Sawdagger is offering its business customers and household consumer with a platform for a far-reaching product range of home made appliances and gadgets by the verified wholesalers and suppliers. We totally recognize the high degree of competition between the market leaders as well as the increasing entry barriers. To cater to this concern, we display you the advanced electronic products to facilitate your business and personal needs.
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