Importance of Automobiles & Motorcycles Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace OVERVIEW: AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY: The automobile industry has been a growing field in the developing countries. The automobile industry exhibited an upward market trend and is an ever growing industry in different market segments. The automotive industry shifting trends are made possible due to technological advancements. The B2B owners are inclined to adopt the modern means available in this era of technology, where everything is mobile. The importance of automobiles and motorcycle industries in B2B and B2C marketplace is due to the fact that catering to B2B segment requires a lot of effort to build a corporate brand image and to have a unique selling point where they can set themselves in the mind of prospect customers (positioning). The Importance of automobiles and motorcycles Industries in B2B and B2C marketplace has increased due to substantial rise in the demand, driven by interest rates and employment. The profitability of automobile manufacturing companies depends on product quality, cost effective methods of manufacturing equipments and aggressive marketing campaigns. It has been observed that the auto part suppliers in highly concentrated automobile industry account for 70% of sales. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: The automakers around the globe are pinning their expectations on increasing consumer demands in the developing nations. Due to the increasing fuel costs in the face of global recession, the automotive industry is turning its attention towards new powerhouses like China, India, Russia and other growing nations. India’s automotive suppliers, have opened new frontiers of economic growth. It is forecasted that by the end 2010, India would be among the top three global automotive market leaders. India basks in almost 13% annual growth. In the year 2002, 5 million vehicles were produced which have now reached to 18 million in 2011. On the other extreme, the Japanese automobile manufacturers are supplying auto parts and motorcycle parts to other countries. There are numerous motorcycle parts manufacturers who are manufacturing carbon fiber, oil seal and aftermarket parts etc. PRODUCT RANGE: Considering the market conditions and in what ways this infant market matures, we are being the Best Service Provider to potential business owners. Automobiles & motorcycles industries dealing in auto accessories, auto electrical system, automobiles, auto engines, motorcycle parts, motorcycle accessories, vehicle equipments and tools. We believe in customer relationship management, and aim at maintaining business profitability and meeting customer satisfaction in both B2B and B2C. We incorporate all the essentials required by the automotive dealers and the price is affordable with quality guaranteed.
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