The Baby/Infant/Toddlers Clothing Products Sell Through B2B And B2C Marketplace B2B stands for business to business transaction where both the seller and purchaser are business owners. In B2B product is not sold to end users and the people who buy the products purchase it in large quantities in order to fulfill the demand of their customers. B2C stands for business to consumer. In B2C companies sell their products to customers instead of selling it to businesses. Baby BIBS: Bib is a piece of cloth that is fastened round the neck of babies so that there cloths do not get dirty while eating. Bibs are soft, comfy and well designed. The soft bib catches the food that misses from baby’s mouth. Some bibs can be easily washed by just rinsing it off. Baby Dresses: Baby’s dresses include onsides that are made of long shirt that then snap together from front to back under the baby’s diaper. Sleep and plays are the type of baby’s dresses in which pants, sleeves and feet all attached. Then comes baby gowns that are open at the bottom and that bottom is sewn with elastic in order to keep baby’s legs feet warm. Baby Skirts: Baby corduroy skirts having verticals line on it and styli shingly furnished, Ruffled skirt with contrast ruffles which is comfortable for babies to wear, printed mini and short skirts made from soft cotton fabric which gives cool crinkled look and also worth wearing in summers to feel coolness and freshness whole day long. There is also wide range of collection skirts for baby’s made from best quality fabric. Crochet baby skirt is another type of baby’s skirt. Baby Sleep Wears: Sleep sacks and fitted pajamas are all baby sleep wears. Clothes that are too loose or have ties is most unsafe for babies. Babies can be secure if wrapped by swaddle using fastener strips. Baby JACKETS AND COATS: Raincoats, snow wear and pea coats are all lie under the category of baby jackets and coats. Leather jackets are designed in such a way for babies that they are comfortably soft and warm for babies. Baby Sweaters: There are hundreds and thousands of styles of baby sweaters. Hand knitted and crocheted sweaters for newborn babies are one of the kinds of baby sweaters. They are warm, soft and can easily be wearing. There are also so many types of colors and styles for baby sweaters that suit the babies. Baby Rompers: It is a one piece garment consisting of trousers and bib with straps. Baby rompers are crafted from high quality fabric. It is great for milestones photo-shoots. Conclusion: Through all this we can conclude that marketing is different in B2B and B2C, the purchase motivation is different and buying process is faster.
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