Importance of Chemical Industry in B2B and B2C Marketplaces CHEMICAL INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: In the past twenty five years, substantial growth was observed in the chemical industry. The importance of chemical industry in the B2B segment can be seen by the fact that almost half of the global chemical businesses are captured by the Asians. Based on the 2010 prices and exchange rates, 66% of annual growth in the chemical industry was observed in the Asian region. The growth in the chemical industry is expected to go beyond 66% by the end of 2030. The importance of chemical in B2B and B2C marketplaces also leads the chemical sectors to make their place in the virtual marketplace. The chemical wholesale suppliers are investing in technology which would make marketing, selling and purchasing easy. The chemical industries, operating in virtual marketplace enable effective delivery of chemical and industrial supplies to the prospective clients. Powerful integration, optimization and value chain processes make online chemical supply possible. To facilitate customers, chemical supply catalogs are also available on the company’s website for an easy overview of what is being offered. Along with catalogs, pharmaceutical manufacturing directories are also updated semiannually or periodically to facilitate the online customer traffic. On the other hand, the small scale pharmaceutical manufacturing industries are also increasing links with their potential suppliers and customers. The small scale chemical wholesale suppliers are investing time, money, effort and capital in order to attract new business and customers. Moreover, a number of lab chemical manufacturers are successfully involved in the sale and purchase process. The lab wholesale manufacturers are supplying chemistry lab supplies and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipments globally. COUNTRYS’ FACTS: In the German chemical industry, the total sales generated from the B2B sales account for EUR 16 bn in the year 2001, which is expected to reach to EUR 57 bn by the end of 2012. The substantial 60% increase is noticeable enough to anticipate the growing rate for the upcoming year. Germany is considered as the largest e-business provider after the USA. To excel in chemical industry, the modern ways of doing businesses are followed by other countries like UK, France, China, UAE, Taiwan, Germany and Italy etc. Overall, the rate of increase in the chemical industry is about to reach 3% of annual growth. PRODUCT OFFERING: Considering the importance of chemical industries in B2B and B2C marketplace, sawdagger is catering to B2B market segment with controlled, branded and exclusively designed equipments and chemicals which are produced to meet the requirements of our clients. The product offering encompasses a variety of product range including, adhesives and sealants, food and feed additives, Agro-chemicals, catalyst and chemical agents, daily chemicals, pigments, organic chemicals, chemical reagents and all what your company desires at low price.
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