The Trading Of Farming, Food And Beverages Products Making Machinery Through B2B And B2C Marketplace Farming is one of the important and developed industries involved in growing and producing things that are intended for human use. This is one of the oldest industry continuously providing benefits to mankind. This industry does not only consist of farms but also those companies that sell, repair and maintain the farms equipment’s. Now this industry is also known termed as agribusiness and subdivided into many sub parts because of its vastness and complexity.Food and beverages industry provides a complete range from the seed production of the final food items. All eatables and drinks processing and production comes under this industry. Both are the important and developed industries. Details of equipment used are given below: Farm Machinery And Its Usage And Types: The farming machineries are used for cultivation and help the farmers in different farming operations. Machinery is used for harvesting, cultivating and sowing of seeds. It includes balers, cultivators, harvesters, milking machines, oil pressers, seeders, shellers and tractors. Forestry Machinery: Forestry machinery helps in transportation of materials from one place to another. It includes truck loader and cocopeat machines. How To Process The Beverage By Using Machinery: Multiple machines are used for processing and packaging of different kinds of beverages. The items include are alcohol, soft drinks, tea, coffee and water. The machinery used are isobaric pressure filling machines, keg washing filling machine, can filling, beverage carbonator, automatic malting equipment, membrane filter machine, screw capping machine, can filling sealing monoblock machines and barley washing machines. Food Processing And Its Types: The following machines are used in the food processing are cooking and baking equipment’s, fryers, grain processing machines, meat processing machinery, slaughtering machinery, snack machinery, pet food processing machinery and sugar and salt processing machines. Dairy Processing By Using Machinery: Machines used for processing dairy products like butter, milk, cream are known as dairy processing machinery. It includes various machinery and sterilizers. Meat Processing Machinery: To cut, reshape the meat some machines like meat mixer, meat slicer and meat mincer are used. Pasteurizer: Pasteurizers are used to remove the bacteria from the food items on heating. Parts Of Food Processing Machinery: Parts of food processing machines include blades, cutters and different sharpers. Sawdagger- An Interactive Online Platform : Sawdagger is one of the best and famous marketplace for the interaction of manufacturers, buyers and sellers. A wide range of products is offered here. Now products are one click away from customers reach. The sawdagger dealings are trustworthy and fair. Customer satisfaction is the core value of this global platform. By providing full fledge range of products it is facilitating its customers in best possible way.
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