THE FARMING PRODUCTS SELL AND BUY THROUGH B2B AND B2C MARKETPLACE FOCUSING TO BOOST SUPPLY CHAIN ACTIVITIES: The importance of exchanging product and services in the B2B marketplace can be noticed from the fact that the entrepreneurs, business owners, large and small scale companies around the world are engaged in widespread supply chain activities, innovation and experimentation. The B2B e-marketplace facilitates the real time transfer of information, goods and services and most importantly the money amongst the suppliers and buyers. The industries including commodity, agricultural, service and industrial are revolutionizing their supply chain across other industries and thus catering to the B2B segment of the society. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: The increasing demand for product variations, differentiations and premium quality and services has made businesses to attain competitive advantage in such intense competition. The e marketplaces provide new frontiers and opportunities, new challenges for the agricultural product marketing. The farming products are advertised successfully in B2B e-marketplaces and traded between different manufacturing companies operating across the world. COUNTRIES OVERVIEW: The countries like CHINA, which after understanding the importance of B2B approach successfully launched its first agricultural e commerce website in the year 2001. On the other side, Countries like UK, JAPAN, INDIA, EU and Malaysia have significant market presence in the B2B e-marketplaces where complete business directories and product portfolios are showcased on their respective viral portals. This has been made possible by the advancing technology which has speculated the business communications and trading possible amongst the sellers and buyers. SAWDAGGER FOSTERS NEW BUYER –SELLER RELATIONSHIP: We encourage a new buyer- seller relationship through our global platform where all the preferred suppliers’ catalogs are showcased at a single corporate platform. For the suppliers whose stocks are getting outdated still have a chance to showcase all what are left with and sell them with smart marketing tactics via depreciating prices. Other than the traditional means of marketing where the focus has been just selling the product leaving behind the customer satisfaction, nowadays the marketers are flawlessly engaged in designing effective “customer centric” strategies to create a unique selling point in the consumer’s eyes. The agriculture industry also maintains sustainability in the era of e-commerce which has made this industry able to communicate electronically to a wide range of buyers. The agriculture e-commerce allows for buying and selling of farming products. The B2B marketplace includes the agriculture growing media under which “Peat” is available, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and kernels, grains, fishing and farming, machinery and equipment, animal husbandry, by production under which plant and animal oil is available, tobacco and all that you want, is available here. The benefits of E-commerce adoption in agriculture proved increased sales in the B2B as well as B2C sector
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