Importance of footwear and accessories Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace Humans progressed from being barefoot to wearing shoes that would support and protect them while walking. However today we have a shoe for every occasion, sports, official, leisure, casual, celebrations and so on. The industry has developed over the past 100 years to become a million dollar industry. Footwear initially designed to protect our feet from the environment have now become a fashion statement. It has long been observed that people are judged from the shoe they wear. However, the branding concept has revolutionized footwear. A shoe now shows a person’s social status and personal taste. The industry is huge and is categorized in to women’s footwear, men’s footwear and children’s footwear. Footwear industry statistics: The footwear annual industry revenue in the US is estimated to be reaching almost more than $47 million. The market in the US is huge. It has a total of nearly 3000 shoe stores operating all over the country. In china due to the recent urbanization the growth in footwear industry has been steadily increasing and also an increase in the disposable income of the Chinese population shoe purchasing has been high. Also, the Chinese youth is now interested in branded footwear. Lastly china is known for its exports globally and even in this industry it is a winner. It accounts for more than 50% of the global footwear. In the EU the footwear industry has seen declines but most of the consumers there refuse to buy cheap imports. In addition India, Taiwan and Bangladesh are also emerging manufacturers in the footwear industry. Get your footwear: Sawdagger provides you with the best footwear available online. It has a huge online footwear directory in which there is a huge list of wholesale men shoes and wholesale women shoes too. The website has shoe fabrics and shoe leather of all types available. It brings together footwear accessories manufacturers and footwear accessories suppliers together on one platform. Footwear accessories importers and exporters can display their items on the website and do efficient business online. Since the footwear industry is now working globally and due to globalize the whole world rapidly adopts changing fashion trends. The importers and exporters can take advantage of Sawdagger and earn by getting their or selling their items first in the global market. Finale: The footwear industry is huge and widespread. If one wants to make the most out of his/her business the best way is to go online and Sawdagger provides platform to wholesalers, importers, suppliers, exporters and even the sole consumer to sell and buy their respective products and services . So, log on to the website and you will surely gain profit whether you are from the B2B or even the B2C marketplace.
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