The Garment Accessories And Tool Products Sell And Buy Through B2B AND B2C Marketplace Garments whether made for a formal wear or for a casual or party wear has improved with the wide range of products. Now with these products you can get the stitching and design on the garment as per your wish and give yourself , a stunning and gorgeous look. This usually includes: Beads: Beads are small objects of different shapes and sized and are made from different materials like wood, plastic and glass. They are used for decorative purposes. Czech beads, pin board beads and glass board beads are all type of beads used in jewelry and other decorative purposes. Lace: The Laces have different variety and different types as in bobbin lace needle lace, need woven, assorted and tape laces. Alec on is a French needle point lace that originated in Alencone France. Some laces are handmade and made from different fabric materials Patches: Patches refers to a small piece of materials affixed to another, repairing a worn out part, hole or a tear. Clothes of small pieces can be used for patchwork. Patches have different types including embroidered, woven, printed, name patches, blank patches and much more. Buttons: Buttons have different types for example flat buttons, shaft buttons, fabric covered buttons and fancy buttons. They are the perfect embellishment and can be used on dresses for decorative purposes. Ribbons: There are many categories of ribbons including woven ribbons, fabric ribbons, satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons and chiffon ribbons. Some ribbons are printed having solid colors with lace edging. They are mostly single faced and silky. Badges: A badge is a device or a fashion accessory used as a sign of something i.e. for the signification of any organization or anything. Rhinestones: Rhinestone is a kind of precious diamond or gem. It can be colorful or colorless and made from hard glass. There are many types of rhinestones including flat back, hot fix, and iron on, pointed back and non-hot fix. Sewing Needles: It is a cylindrical shaped tool with a pointed tip. There are different types of needles with different sizes for different type of fabrics or clothes. For every specific work there is a special needle for example for embroidery there is one specific needle in it and same in the case of needlework and quilting. Zippers: Zipper is a device having parallel rows vertical or horizontal made of any material like metal, nylon and plastic etc. Zippers are mostly flexible and have different lengths, sizes and colors. It can be used on dresses for different purposes as in for fitting, decoration etc. Webbing: It is a tight and strong fabric woven as a flat strip or tube of varying width and fibers often used in place of ropes.
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