Importance of Gift & Craft Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace INDUSTRY OVERVIEW- GIFT AND CRAFTS: The gifts and craft industry is expected to increase 30 to 60 percent in the next year, in line with the expanding style. The importance of gift and craft industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace emerged in last few decades due to increasing consumer expectations from this sector. From the consumer’s point of view, How gifts and crafts are presented in attractive packaging is a unique way to express one’s feeling towards others. The flowery packaging, wrapping, themes and color schemes in gifts and crafts are a cheap and a unique way of expressing love. The makers in gifts and craft industry are developing creative designs and packages for different market segments. The gifts and crafts manufacturers are catering to all age groups including women, men, kids etc. There are several gift and craft wholesale suppliers who supply to retail stores, shopping malls and other one dollar shops. However, the gift and craft wholesale suppliers are successfully managing their business in the virtual marketplace. The gift basket supplies and decorated Christmas gifts are available for purchase. In the gift basket supplies, assorted cases, crystal frames, seasonal items, glass/paper/stone/crystal crafts, key chains, paintings and calligraphy are included. The gift and craft catalogs are also maintained on websites to facilitate both existing and new business owners in channelizing trade with their customers. Moreover, the gifts and crafts catalog showcase shinny, metallic wrappers with a combination of laces, bows, ribbons, artificial flowers and leaves to give artistic appeal to the gift and to add beauty to the gift when combined with the beads vary in design of dots, patterns, strips and blocks etc. CATERING TO CHANGING CONSUMER PREFERENCES: Due to the ever changing consumer preferences, the gift and craft manufacturers have employed specialized personnel to come up with magnificent gift wrapping ideas which would cater to the consumer choices. The other advantage is that an auction of gifts and crafts is also held at universities, schools where people can come up with their own creative ideas. This will allow people to participate in the purchase or sale process. COUNTRIES OVERVIEW: There are certified online gift manufacturing companies in China, India, UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, are dealing with the B2B segments. Whereas, some of the manufacturers and service providers are also facilitating the consumer segment which is indeed the major section of the society to be targeted. In China the companies are undertaking a caps markup of at least 5% to remain competitive. Eighty four of the B2B marketers say that because of social media into their business transactions are successful with their customers. Eighty three percent (83%) of them claim social media to be an essential component to execute the day to day business transactions. SAWDAGGER OFFERINGS: Based on the above elaboration of how the gift and craft industry has positioned itself in such a short time, the business is more responsive to consumer needs. This understanding allows us to cater to the B2B market segment. Being the services provider for importer and exporter of gifts and crafts, the variety of product range includes miscellaneous gifts and crafts, festive and party supplies at low prices with great quality and superior packaging.
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