The Girls Clothing Products Sell And Buy Through B2B AND B2C Marketplace B2B is business to business transaction whereas B2C is a business to consumer marketing. Girls Tops And Blouse: Girl’s tops and blouse are the perfect and most important part of dress to update oneself. They include cotton jean shirts, printed tops, vest tops, tunic tops, jeweled collar and windy shirts. Different colored tops and themes tops are frequently used by girls. Girls Hosiery: Capri tights, convertibles, footed and footless and socks are all girls’ hosiery. Hosiery is used to cover the foot and legs. They are mostly worn by acrobats and dancers. Girls Pants: There is a variety of new and unique styles of girl's Jeans. It includes travelling pants, cotton pants and sweat pants. These pants are comfortable while playing and running. Girls Stocking: Rayon stockings, silk stocking and nylon stockings are types of girl’s stockings. It is usually a fitted and knitted covering for legs and foot. Women stoking is usually made from sheer material like nylon, silk and rayon. Girls Socks: Bobby socks are one of the types of girl’s socks that are turned down to form a cuff at girl’s ankle. Stance socks, crew and low cut socks are other types of girl’s socks. Fuzzy, colorful and soft socks are used by girls for ease and comfort. Girls Jacket And Coats: Printed, denim, wool and leather jackets are all types of girls’ jackets and coats. Many coats and jackets are designed in such a way that they are eco friendly, waterproof and wind proof. There are different and unique colors of jackets and coats for girls .Some jackets are breathable, quick dry and anti-shrink. Girls Jeans: Skinny, boot cut, bell bottom, capris, joggings and flared jeans are all different types of jeans worn by girls frequently. Different type of jeans is suitable for different body style. Jeans is the most easy to wear and carry off. For skinny person, white color jeans are suitable while for bulky figure black color is suitable as a person looks a little smarter in black. Girls Skirts: Long, short, flared, straight cut, fish shaped, ruffle front, A-line and flat front skirts are all different unique styles of girl’s skirts. Different stuff for skirts like denim, cotton and tweed are perfect for every occasion. Skirts are also a part of uniform in many schools. Girls Dresses: Girl’s dresses include a great variety of dresses for example wedding dress, party wear, night dress, formal dresses, informal dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, chiffon dresses, jumpers, apparels, sundresses, spring dresses and many more. Dresses are an important part of personality. Different styles and cuts of dress increases its beauty for example pleats, foot length, strapless, lace and A-line.
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