Global Traders in Bangladesh In Bangladesh, global traders are mostly free from anxieties and fruitfully can run their global trade. Global traders perform exchanging of goods and services among themselves. Bangladesh is accessible for the global traders which contribute around 50% GDP of the total earnings of Bangladesh. Local tax systems in Bangladesh are quite high and interrupted, going to take significant steps to well-off the customs arrangement system with a view to ad-judgment these barriers. Beyond the problems faced by the global traders there are some noticeable obstacles to the country’s development which are inexperienced manpower, transportation, communications and the lack of qualified infrastructures, insufficient supplying energy system, corrupted business operations end-owned the entire business environment in a touchy situation. Global transaction has expanded the business process and given a speedy trading exchange globally. In Bangladesh wire, skrill, payonner, payza, transactions are available Paypal not yet but will come advancing years. Millions of dollars are now transacting through these media. Because of this global transaction facility traders are encouraged to trade with Bangladesh. The countries chief traders come from the European Unions, The United States, Korea, and China. Basically global traders come to Bangladesh to buy products which are clothes, chapped Hessian and its acquired products, leather and leathers made products, angle and arctic sea food. The major things which are imported by Bangladesh such as machinery and equipments, garments accessories, textile, petroleum, food, oil, steel, iron from China, Kuwait, Singapore, Japan and India. Foreign trade is of great importance to the economic growth in Bangladesh. Although there are some hindrances in global trading but also the traders in Bangladesh are greeted and treated in high consideration and doing great at present and also will do better trading environment in advancing years.
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