GLOBAL TRADING THROUGH B2B AND B2C MARKETPLACE The global trading is an increasing trend in the global B2B and B2B marketplace due to the fact that 150 million websites allowed the businesses to exchange products and services worldwide. In the B2B marketplace it is essential for the businesses distinguished themselves amongst hundred million others who are sharing their market offerings in the same space. The B2B marketers are devising marketing strategies including smart audio- visual as well as corporate advertising which allows the businesses to convince the buyers through their corporate image. The B2B now is a global e-commerce marketplace for the exchange of ideas, events, products and services. The global trading is made possible due to the internet, which has enabled the trade to make it a key strategy for Globalization. Capitalizing on the internet enables the e-commerce and has propelled the businesses to the next level. GLOBAL TRADING BETWEEN COUNTRIES : Countries like UK, CHINA, INDIA, TAIWAN, BANGLADESH, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, USA, RUSSIA and so forth are benefiting their B2B transactions in exchanging goods and services through B to B trading portals. This will allow them to provide a platform where the buyers and sellers can meet, the conversation made with each other, exchange information about product and service offerings, discuss customer specifications, negotiate on price, offers which eventually lead to closing the sale deal. SAWDAGER PROVIDES THE GLOBAL COVERAGE: We provide the global trading suppliers and buyers a platform to do business in the globalized fashion, where the supplier can offer their products to thousands of buyers in one virtual marketplace, and in return the buyers can search for specific commodities in this well organized business location. Sawdagger provides the wholesalers, suppliers and buyers with a simple method to increase profits and decrease expenses by maximizing their company buying and selling on a global level with less cost involved, thus leading to greater earnings. EUPHORIA- EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR YOUR CLIENTS: The wholesalers and suppliers also have an opportunity to put on display their left out stock on our platform by announcing discount offers and rebates on different commodity items. In this way the suppliers can sell the luxurious unsold items at reasonable price to grab the mass appeal. The online visitors, companies and buyers can simply make an account and by logging into their virtual platform,they can get all the information they need. A platform where the buyer and seller can communicate effectively with their perspective clients even negotiating with them on product quality and timely delivery. The B2B e-marketplaces brings together the seller and buyer in a specialized e-commerce environment where they can find trade opportunities and promote their business on a global level with more concentration and can boost their business internationally.
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