Importance of Hardware Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace MAJOR OPPORTUNITIES IN OPEN HARDWARE AND MAKERS INDUSTRY: The hardware industry is flourishing day by day and providing services to large firms, large and small scale business and other social medium enterprises. The manufactured hardware is a key contribution currently applicable for a variety of downstream industries, including construction, automobile and furniture manufacturing. In the hardware industry the pertinent opportunities are showing up. The Importance of hardware industries in B2B and B2C marketplace is due to the fact that it is facilitating the individual consumer and the business users. It is noted that more than 56% of professional engineers are more likely to use open source hardware applications in accomplishing their task. However, on the other hand the hobbyists reach to 82% of their personal projects. The hardware companies are in online trading with the different customer segments which includes the business professional (B2B) and general consumer (B2C). In the overall hardware industry it is expected of hardware manufacturers to mount penetration of the hardware concepts in designing a proficient product line. MAKERS MOVEMENT AND HARDWARE INNOVATION : The “makers” movement along with innovation in hardware is quite visible in social media where the customers have the chance for higher product visibility. The hardware online retailers, dealers and forwarders are well informed with the hardwares and tools installed and used by consumer segments and thus keeps the record for themselves in an online hardware directory. COMPETITIVE PRICING: The Competitively priced hardware imports brought a positive shift in the domestic as well global hardware manufacturing industry over the last two decades. Due to globalization and rapidly changing technology, the hardware manufacturers have had to move low-cost countries like Pakistan, China and Russia. It is hard for hardware industry players to function profitably in the countries like India, United States and Japan. WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC CRISES: The global economic crisis has been observed and exacerbated the hardware industry’s long-term decline over the past six years, specifically in the domain of construction and manufacturing activity. Based on the previous facts the turn down is expected at an annualized rate of 5.7% over the next five to Six years. HARDWARE MANUFACTURERS FACING DIFFICULTIES: Other than hardware manufacturers and wholesalers, the hardware importer and exporters are also facing difficulties due to the enduring harsh conditions in the year 2008 till 2009, because of the reduction in purchases by the customers in the construction, automobile and furniture manufacturing segments. The increasing imports based on domestic demand is expanding the custom duties which in turn are eroding industry revenue and reinforcing price-based competition. INTENSE COMPETITION: The Hardware Manufacturing industry is facing a strong competition based on price, quality, service, product and the technological aspects. On the other side, the downstream purchasers including construction contractors are willing to pay the lowest prices for industry products so that they can maximize the profit margin by staying competitive. ELECTRONICS AND HARDWARE INDUSTRY IN INDIA: The friendly government polices in India boosted the Indian economy and made India one of the leaders in electronics and hardware. Indian hardware manufactures are producing low priced hardware components like abrasive tools, clamps, brackets, fasteners, nails, boots, chains etc. which are being used in multinational corporations in countries like China, UK, Malaysia, Bangladesh, USA etc. SAWDAGGER OFFERS YOU: Sawdagger is on its toes to provide such a platform to its customers with an exclusive Hardware components range at affordable prices. Advanced technology, wide-ranging hardware components, superior quality and premium service is provided. We display our business customers and individual customers the hardware tools which would help them in processing their business operations and day to day tasks. This universal platform allows the wholesalers, importers and suppliers to market, sell and purchase the hardware supplies across the world.
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