Importance of Home, Horticulture & Gardening Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace THE HOME DECOR MARKET SHOWS INCREASING GROWTH : A boom in the Home décor market has been seen in the last few years where people are more inclined towards improving their homes with flowers. The importance of home, horticulture and gardening industries in the B2B and B2C marketplace can be gauged by the way workplaces, restaurants, homes, hospitals, parks and highways are decorated magnificently. Due to the advancing consumer knowledge and changing preferences, the home decor manufacturers and suppliers have been forced to design creative home gardening equipments, laundry products, household and cleaning tools and accessories, kitchen and dining products, home décor supplies, household and bathroom sundries and all what is needed to make your living spaces more comfortable. The home decorated stores are providing the home décor and storage products to the people through new channels. Some estimates measured the home decor market to reach approximately $65.2 billion each year. REMODLING YOUR EXISTING LIVING SPACE: Due to the economic downturn and increasing inflation rates, people are forced to stretch every dollar. Families who at times decided to sell their houses in order to move up to a larger, superior house ten to fifteen years ago are now inclined towards reworking the spaces they already have. The households are looking for cheaper rates and easier ways to make their dreams a reality. Moreover the families who are redecorating their homes with new paints also require something to put in their newly painted rooms. For this reason, they approach furniture and accessory stores it is a convenient source of all that is required. It is noted that consumer spending on home improvements are expected to cultivate at 3.5% annually”. The substantial growth is the result of home owners wishing to make their homes look more energy-efficient and beautiful. A STREAM OF REVENUE GENERATION: The Home Improvement Stores are expecting Increasing revenues generated from corporate customers. The home gardening manufacturers are targeting corporate clients due to the rising trend in lavishly decorated offices around the world. SMART AND APPEALING PACKAGING: Instead of hiring an interior designer to meet your redecorating needs, the big box stores, wholesalers and retailers have conveniently placed everything one needs for remodeling their spaces under one roof. Thus packaging it in unique ways will aesthetically appeal to the consumer. HORTICULTURE INDUSTRY- GLOBAL VIEW : The increase in the global horticulture industry is being fuelled by rising consumer demand for superior product quality as well as with a soaring seed demand to cater to a quickly mounting global population. Especially when it comes to flowers, the business customers and household consumers are demanding premium quality in exchange of money. The Global gardening and outdoor living market growth is anticipated to increase to almost 3.5% yearly between 2011 and 2016. The Australian garden market, 86% annual growth as compared to other countries including USA, CHINA, UK, INDIA, TAIWAN, BANGLADESH, MALAYSIA etc. OUR OFFERINGS: Sawdagger completely understands the business and consumer needs and for that we are here to provide a global platform to the home decor manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers to advertise their product range, thus allowing a wide network of customer to interact with the relevant suppliers and manufacturers so that they can beautify their homes as per their wish. We assure you high product quality, superior services, reasonable pricing, durability and an on time delivery.
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