Benefits Of Trading Useful Industrials Equipments And Parts Through B2B And B2C Marketplace The trading of heavy industrial products through B2B and B2C transactions are common practices. Business to business purchasing is in a vast practice, now trend is shifting towards media interaction and online shopping made this trend feasible and more reliable. Direct interaction of companies with their clients is now a convenient way to promote the products. Use Of Air Cleaning Equipment’s And Parts: Air cleaning equipment’s are used as an air purifier or to improve the air quality. The main purpose of these equipment’s is to destroy the bacteria, dust particles in the air, pollens, and allergic particles and lessen the bad odor and very helpful for allergic and asthmatic persons. The equipment’s including: air shower, industrial dehumidifier, industrial humidifier, air filter and air ionizer. Air Compressors And Parts: In simple terms, air compressors are the device used to compress and pressurized the air and then used as a burst. The purpose of pressurized air is to create a force that is used for various purposes. Compressed air is used in a multiple ways and at the same time beneficial to industries and organizations. Animal Husbandry Equipment and Its Usage: Animal husbandry is a practice of breeding, domestication, caring and raising of livestock. The animals included are cats, dogs, cattle, cows and sheep. The equipment’s used for this purpose are animal cages, animal drinkers, animal feeders, ear tags and egg incubators Chemical Process Equipment’s And Its Parts: In chemical process product generated and degenerated with the help of various chemicals. The equipment’s used are chemical process and its storage / drying /grinding/ heat transfer/ mixing equipment’s, reactors, pressure vessels and separation of chemical equipment’s. Usage Of Cleaning Equipment’s and Parts: The equipment’s used for cleaning and mopping is called as cleaning equipment’s. It includes vacuums scrubbers and brooms. Use Of Energy Saving Equipment’s And Parts: Energy saving equipment’s helps to reduce the energy consumption. Equipment used for this purpose are energy savers. Engine With Its Parts: Engines are used as a machine to facilitate many industrial processes. Every machine has different type of engine and its parts. Filter Supplies: Filter is a device used to remove the unwanted particles and make things purify. The various equipment used for filtration is filter aids, filter bags, clothes, meshes, films and filter papers. Gas Generation Equipment And Its Part: Gas generation equipment’s are used to create power. To run turbines gas generations equipment’s are used. Welding Equipment’s and Supplies: Welding is a process through which different and heavy parts are joined. The products used are arc welders, butt welders, electric soldering irons, laser welders, MIG welders, plasma, plastic and press welders, résistance welders, seam welders, spot welder and tube welders. Sawdagger (A Global Platform): Sawdagger is one of the famous and leading online marketplaces which offer a wide of products to businesses and customers. It is helping and facilitating its customers by providing a full fledges range of products. Client’s satisfaction and meeting their standards is the core value of the company.
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