The Importance of Lights and Illumination Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace Lighting is for sure one of the most potent weapon of any business. Any illumination light system drastically reduces the maintenance costs and increases the durability of the lights. It is a sustainable and well experimented product. Lights and illumination industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace! Light up your world! A full blown light show is what the world demands now. Gone is the era when lighting used to be expensive and limited. New technologies have emerged that not only are cost effective but also in such beautiful shapes, colors and designs that they have immediately become a need for all. To make your houses, offices or party places glow all you need to do is install the beautiful lights. LED: Lights of the 21st Century! LED lights are cheap, rechargeable, easily available and above all eco-friendly. They are portable, stay charged for long, and reduce the bill of electricity. According to a research, hotels using LED lights have been able to cut down about 80% of their energy supply.These lights are easily upgradeable and replaceable. Their enclosed packaging avoids breakages. This is why they are easy to use in educational setups, institutional setups, in offices, in commercial areas, in dormitories, in public spaces, and health care systems etc. The Emerging Market of Lights: lighting gallery includes Lighting bulbs, Tube lights, Light Panels, Flash lights,Ceiling lights, Floor lights, Chandelier and pendant lights, Emergency lights, Lawn lamps, wall lamps, Holiday lights, Emergency lights, Underwater lights, Reading lamps, Solar lamps, Portable Lighting,Camping lights, Lighting Fixtures, Professional Lighting, LED Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Lighting Accessories and much more. Use of Lights and Illuminations in daily life: We help you to buy and sell light and illumination all over the world. Lights are used in almost everything. Lights used in Mobile phones, notepads, DVD players, Kindle Fire etc. make up to about $3.4 billion of lights market segment. $3 billion is being spent on LED lights used in the TV and monitors backlights. $1.4 billion market of lighting is about signs and channels. Lights and illumination companies in China, India, Japan, Taiwan Korea, Vietnam: In Japan, by 2015 the lighting market is supposedly to hit around 73.8%. Korea’s lighting industry by 2015 is expected to reach USD $7.8 billion. China’s light and illumination market are increasing by 30% per year. According to Digitimes Research, lighting and illumination market by 2015 will be about USD $44.2 billion. Sawdagger is the right choice to shop from! Sawdagger is a virtual marketplace that supplies its products in bulk to both corporate and to retailers. The advantage of buying in bulk is that you get a wide variety, the product’s shipping and purchase becomes cheaper. It provides the biggest platform to suppliers and wholesalers to market their products throughout the world!
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