Importance of Medical & Drugs Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY: The medical and drug industries have always been the fastest growing industry within the economic system. The importance of medical & drug industries in B2B and B2C marketplace can be analyzed due to the responsiveness towards the businesses and the consumers. The medical drug suppliers are effectively managing their drug supplies physically and virtually world wide. The health care market is influenced by number demographic trends targeted at diversified customers. MEDICAL MARKET OVERVIEW: The growing consumer expectation in this aging population drives wholesaler and supplier attention to meet those expectations. For that matter, the pharmaceutical companies have devised unique strategies around new demands and values. Due to the advanced technology, mobility is not an issue anymore. The marketer has several avenues to market his products and services catering in B2B as well B2C sector. Moreover, the medical wholesalers and suppliers are competitively involved in valuable exchange process with existing and new clients. On the other extreme, the drug and medical wholesalers are also approaching e-business service providers in facilitating customers. The pharmacy distributors as well medical equipment dealers are investing considerable time to provide supplies on time without any hassle. EFFECTIVE SERVICE DELIVERY: From the business point of view, the delivery of healthcare services is a primary concern and is the most essential process in any health care system. Health care systems around the world need to be revised in order to make them more efficient and effective as they can translate into a life or death situation. Effective delivery means, all the things would reach the right person at the right time at the right place and in the right quantity. It would be a lean service delivery system. MEDICAL INDUSTRY GROWTH IN EMERGING MARKET: To date, the wholesalers and suppliers have focused initially on targeting the premium customer segment but now a large wave of growth is seen in catering to business segment. Now the suppliers have broadened their horizons and are looking at the global market and are opting for the mass market around the globe. In the medical industry, an average revenue has reached to 10.2% in this largest growing sector. WHY BUY FROM SAWDAGGER: Sawdagger provides a platform for importers, exporters, suppliers , wholesaler and individual consumer to take advantage of buying and selling of what they need. Superior quality, exceptional service, economical prices and premium products are exhibited to meet the needs of our customers. We provide effectively designed medical equipment and drugs not only to the businesses but also to the general public. We provide remarkable opportunities to all the wholesalers and suppliers to showcase their product variety. In bulk through which they can increase their product visibility.
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