Basic tips for becoming a mobile phone seller Mobile phones have become a necessity of our lives. 90% of people cannot live without their cell phones as a matter of a fact, 95% of teenagers see their phones immediately after waking up in the morning and even if they wake up in the middle of the night, it will be the first thing they would want to see. This shows the importance of cell phones in our daily life. If you are willing to start your business as mobile phone seller, than you can follow the below mentioned steps. These steps are basic and can be applied to any other business as well.
  • Do a little market researchTry to search the leading or the famous mobile phone sellers within your locality or city. Ask few questions which will help you to start the business. Observe their actions or plans. You can also do internship under one of these dealers, in this way you will learn a lot about the trade. The phase of learning never ends, so you must observe everything around you.
  • Become a retail sales agentIf you cannot become an intern, then you can be a retail sales agent for one of the renowned dealers or sellers of mobile phones. By becoming retail sales agent, you will learn a lot about the business and you will also know the inner secrets of starting the business and running it successfully.
    Try to make notes about each and everything you hear, see or learn. It will be more helpful if you keep a journal. Journals are the best way to keep record of business strategy and planning.
  • Start the investmentFirstly find a store location, the best area is a well known mobile market, because it gets more footfalls. After selecting your store, you are now ready for making inventory. For making your inventory, you have to contact some wholesalers or manufacturers. is a virtual marketplace, which will give you complete details about dealers and wholesalers of mobile phones. They will give you discounts if you will buy in bulk.
  • Be prepared for arcadeDevelop strategies to advertise your store. Try to focus on just one mission for some time. The above mentioned platform will provide you with all the pricings of different mobile phones according to their models and brands. Along with the pricing, you will see different dealers or wholesalers who will give discounted rates of buying the products in bulk.
    If you will follow all these steps, then you will get good percentage of revenue in short period of time and you will develop good relationship with the stakeholders.
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