INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUE AND NEW TRENDS OF B2B AND B2C MARKETPLACE THE B2B MARKET PLACE: The B2B business approaches brought a new revolution in how the businesses are doing nowadays. If you are a business owner or an inquisitive buyer or in advertising, selling, purchasing, marketing or in any facet of business, this is the place to fulfill your unique business needs. The businesses are keen to progress in marketing their products and services and don’t let their competitors take their market share. And for that, the businesses incorporating the market challenger strategies and have a strong team of marketers, advertisers, researchers, analysts and salespeople who collaborate and coordinate with each other in devising modern techniques to grow their business not only domestically but internationally. THE COMMODITY EXCHANGE CONCEPT: The businesses are involved in commodity exchange with other businesses (B2B) and individual customers (B2C) in an open and organized marketplace, where the ownership titles to standardized volumes of commodities are sold at fixed prices and delivered on specified date and time as decided in the exchange process. Commodity Trading: The commodity trading is an investing strategy which has raised the bar of “BUY NOW” trend amongst the buyers. From the supplier’s perspective, the commodities exchange is for the value of money for the quality products produce in large volumes. LATEST INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES: In the B2B segment the businesses are adopting up to date Technologies and techniques before competitors, when releasing their product deals. Many new innovations across the main digital services provided the companies with a first mover advantage. Techniques like push notifications on virtual portals, use of Re-targeting programs, utilizing CRM data, Re-marketing and targeting across users through promotional campaigns, update of business directories and numerous mobile applications allowed for a real time communication era by adopting an innovative customer engagement platform. COUNTRIES OVERVIEW: The developed countries including the UK, USA, CHINA, JAPAN and INDIA are in the progressive phase where the companies are quantifying on value creation, targeting the online audiences and getting the creative content online for the business and buyers to opt for the best available option for them. SAWDAGGER- A SERVICE PROVIDER: Sawdagger provides its wholesalers and suppliers to market their product and services in this new global e-commerce platform which allows them to promote their market offerings instantly to a massive global audience in a cost and time effective manner. We allow the suppliers to sell the unsold products through bundle pricing and discount offerings allowing the wholesalers and suppliers to reach different customer types. The consumers, via logging onto this virtual platform benefited from wide product ranges at discounted price. The bidding on commodity items can also be made through tender pricing strategy. On the other hand, such penetration pricing allowed the suppliers to earn profits from the left over stock. In short, for businesses to flourish it is important to make use of differentiated innovative techniques and marketing strategies both tactical and strategic through the product and promotional offerings to capture the attention of buyers all around the world.
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