The Non Metallic Mineral Products Any chemical element or minerals which lack metallic attributes are the non-metallic minerals. Their main characteristics are high volatility, very low elasticity and resist heat and electricity. There are a number of applications in which the non-metallic minerals can be used. Usually in the ceramic industry and quartz manufacturing factories, these non-metallic miners are highly desirable. Asbestos Products: A particular set of silicate minerals having peculiar properties, when are united, they form a unique material Asbestos. The asbestos products are very much sought-after owing to the unique property of being able to absorb sound. Hence, wherever sound resistance system is required, asbestos products are utilized. Since, these products are heat and electricity insulators, therefore, these are used in the preparation of electrical insulation wiring and also building insulation. Ceramic fiber Products: Ceramic fiber products are mostly chemically pure and have high resistance to high temperatures. These products are resistant to corrosive chemicals such as acids and bases. Owing to the particular properties, ceramic fiber products can be used as the successful substitution for a number of insulation and sealing applications. Fiberglass Products: Fiberglass products are the phenomenon inventions which are lightweight, robust and strong. It has a number of peculiar features that make it withstand among the non-metallic mineral products. These features are less stiffness, much less brittleness and the ability to be molded into form. The plastic matrix that is used in the manufacturing of fiber glass products is very cheap and is usually of the nature of epoxy and a thermosetting plastic. A number of applications of fiber glass products are automobiles, aircrafts, roofing, pipes and water crafts, etc. Quartz Products: There are a number of products in which quarts are utilized. For instance quartz is used in circles, rods, different shapes and for vivid tubing. Single crystals of silicon can be grown by using fused quartz. Quartz can be used to resist mounted operating temperature in high performance lamps. Other applications of fused quartz are mercury vapor lamps, quartz halogen, metal halide, UV lamps and UV blocking lamps. Owing to particular properties, quartz also contributes to solar, optical fibers and semiconductor industries. The use of quartz is increasing day by day. Refractory: The high tech material that has the ability to retain its strength even at very high temperatures is a refractory material. Any components that are to be exposed to the heated environments such as 800+ K are usually made up of refractory material. These can be utilized for incinerators, reactors, kilns, furnaces and also to make crucibles. Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit: Extensive reserves of non-metallic mineral deposits can be about growth and removing poverty of a country.High quality non-metallic mineral can be used for export. The non-metallic mineral products are of multiple uses. This is because of their unique properties. These are less expensive and have numerable uses.
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