Importance of Office And Educational Supplies in B2B and B2C Marketplace The human race has developed over the years and most importantly we have changed the ways of out general working. From scribbling on walls and carving on trees we progressed to pencil and paper and now in the modern era we need all sorts of supplies to get going. Getting a closer look: Office supplies are the supplies which are used quite regularly every day in the office and complete the office environment alongside technology. These items are consumed within an office setting to enhance and complete the business. It includes small expendable items such as paper clips, pens, glue stick, magnetic tape to high cost items such as furniture and PC’s. Educational supplies likewise are also material which is needed to facilitate students and teachers in the learning process and include all stationary and high end products. The Marketplace: Businesses in the office supply market have gone big and expanded into related markets for businesses like the printing industry which includes printing suppliers and printed publications suppliers importers and exporters. The back to school business is regularly in August and September. The office supply industry was estimated to be more than $200 billion in 1999 and is growing ever since. The increase in the domestic demand of China is causing the industry to grow by a rate of 9.6% to almost nearly 10 Billion in 2013. Sawdagger The ultimate solution: Since this industry is so huge and investment in it is highly profitable Sawdagger brings you a solution to get the office supplies which will improve your company’s outlook and productivity and that too at low prices. It showcase fantastic range of cheap educational and office products, material and accessories suppliers, manufacturers, importers and exporters all at in the same place. Sawdagger showcases everything in writing supplies such as pens, pencils, markers and highlighters and all the desk organizer products and accessories you want on your office desk to make life easier. Cheap binding and cutting materials product suppliers and whole sellers as well as office presentation equipment products material accessories suppliers and wholesalers. Sawdagger provides you with an excellent range with all UK, USA, Japan and China suppliers, manufacturers, importers and exporters at one place. Conclusion: Office and educational supplies are sold both to businesses as well as consumers. We can see high retail companies as well as small businesses in the market which proves the importance of office and educational supplies in the B2B and B2C Marketplace is huge and Sawdagger is an excellent platform which gives an optimal solution to do online business in this industry.
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