Importance of Printing and Packaging Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace The industry itself: Printing is reproducing text or images in ink on paper of all kinds using the printing Press. It is usually carried out on a large scale. Printing is very important for business owners and marketers worldwide. The music industry, video game industry and food industry all make use of printing. More than 45 trillion pages are printed worldwide annually. Despite the myths we hear printing is big and here to stay for a long time. Packaging is the technology or rather now an art to enclose products for storage, sale, protection, marketing and distribution worldwide. It is a coordinated system used for preparing goods to be transported into ware houses, logistics and sales. Packaging and printing collaborate to form the whole picture i.e. package labelling and the end products are used both in the B2B and B2C markets. Make your investments: The industry is highly profitable. Business printing grows up to 7% alone worldwide. In the US profits were up every quarter in 2012 and 2013. China has one of the largest printing industries in the world and has increase annual revenue of 9.6%. Plastic, metal, digital, paper and transfer printing services are sought for worldwide. The most innovative way to do your business in the modern era is to go online and increase digital marketing. Sawdagger is a virtual marketplace which is in the core of the printing and packaging industry and provides you with all the products and services you wish for. It has all the printing and packaging material you wish for alongside its suppliers, exporters and wholesalers in one place. In addition cheap printing products, material and services as compared to the market can be obtained from the market thus increasing your profit. Some of the items listed on the website are Packaging labels, ropes, boxes, bags and tubes manufacturers and suppliers as well as foil containers, gift boxes, bottles, crates, mailing bags and food packaging product suppliers importers exporters and wholesalers. In short you will get anything you name. It is the best medium to have the international market penetration in the shortest time span. You can display all wide range of products and services that you are offering and gain profits! The Point to be noted: Sawdagger is the place where investors, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, importer and exporters from the UK, China, Japan and UK can get cheap packaging products, materials and accessories. Those who understand the importance of the printing and packaging industry in B2B and B2C marketplace will certainly not let go of this chance and would surely visit Sawdagger as it is the best option you have got out there.
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