Importance of Rubber and Plastics Industry in B2B and B2C Marketplace The plastics industry manufactures polymer materials and provides its products to many other dependant industries which include the aerospace industry, building and construction industry, electronic, packaging industry and not the least certainly for home products in everyday use. Rubber is made naturally and synthetically but whatever the case it is very useful and in high demand. Rubber is used highly in agriculture and medicine. There is a very high demand for rubber raw materials which include Butyl Rubber, Crepe Rubber, and Silicone Rubber and so on. Industry statistics: China, USA and Japan Plastic industry is thriving. The annual revenue of the Chinese plastic industry is more than $200 billion dollars as it is the major importer of plastic materials worldwide. In addition UK who was a major manufacturer of Plastic two decades ago has seen decreased production due to the recession period worldwide. Brazil known for producing rubber still makes a large amount of rubber however exports it to the US and China for further processing. Lastly the US is one of the largest manufacturers in the plastic and rubber industry and is seeing an annual increase of revenue of more then 12%. Sawdagger in action: Sawdagger has an excellent offer for the rubber and plastic industry. It is a virtual platform that provides the opportunity to sellers, buyers, distributers, manufactures and even the end consumer to sale and purchase the bulk quality of the product they are looking for. It showcases a range of plastic products, accessories and material suppliers and wholesalers. In the rubber industry it has all what you can think of. It displays a list of all rubber belts, hoses, sheets, rollers and accessories and most importantly it has their manufacturers, suppliers and even wholesalers. Likewise, in the plastic industry starting from the grass root level, Sawdagger has Plastic raw materials manufacturers, importers and exporters offering their services and progressing to the higher processed levels it has a range of plastic sheets, tubes and pipes wholesalers and many more products. This platform is not confined to one area. Keeping with the demand the global trend of a green world and the emerging industry of recycling it has recycled Plastic and rubber materials importers, exporters and suppliers. Summing it up: The importance of the rubber and Plastics industry in B2B and B2C Marketplace is immense. Plastic and rubber products are necessity in every household today. So not only it is used personally but commercial manufacturers and other industries make use of them too. The best way for both B2B and B2C marketplaces to work in this industry online is through Sawdagger. So make the best of it and earn the higher profits you aim for smoothly and efficiently.
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