Importance of Computer Software and Hardware Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace SOFTWARE MARKET OVERVIEW: The Software and Hardware Industry Is Flourishing Day By Day. The buyers and suppliers are aware of The Importance of Software and Hardware Industry in the B2B Segment. On the other hand, suppliers dealing in private market are also well informed of how important the product or service exchange process between companies to foster sales. In B2B segment, the suppliers are finding modern ways of developing long term buyer-supplier relations. Moreover, technological advancement gives rise to online computer sales, generated between buyer and supplier. The Market growth in software market is expected to go beyond 6% yearly between 2010 and 2015. The B2C segment (Home use) and B2B segment (business) expected to lead the market at almost $64 billion. CURRENT SCENARIO: Nowadays, the wholesale computer suppliers have efficient teams who take care of the company’s portals and update web content to facilitate the customers. The wholesale computers provide benefits to wholesale suppliers and potential buyers in several ways. From a supplier’s perspective, the already less used computers can be used for export purpose. From the buyer’s perspective, those who cannot buy packed laptops can take advantage of purchasing a laptop from a wholesale supplier at affordable prices. The other conception of how computer hardware and software industry is gaining importance in B2B and B2C sector is due to the value added benefits, which the wholesale suppliers are providing through digitized solutions. Businesses that employ modern ways to deal in B2B segment are focused to provide creative E- solutions in this fast growing business segment within an e-commerce environment. Due to globalization and rapidly changing consumer tastes and technology, wholesalers are investing more in import- export virtual business to meet the ever changing preferences of the buyer. At present, it is seen that the wholesalers are successful exporters of wholesale computer parts, software’s and hardware’s to the developed countries around the globe. WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD: Countries like China, India and Hong Kong have stronger foothold in the computer software and hardware industry and they occupy a major chunk in the B2B segment. Other than supplying computer parts and other essential components, computer peripheral suppliers are also making their grounds in the virtual marketplace. Moreover small businesses are also in the race to make their place in the virtual market for wholesale suppliers. Based on the above observation, the computer and software industry analysis suggests, that an upward trend is expected in this market. Keeping this in mind, Sawdagger provides its customers with a virtual marketplace with a wide product range, catering to the businesses’ specific needs. Being the service provider we offer our customers with a range of computer accessories, PC peripherals, drives, storage devices, software’s, laptops, desktops and servers, computer parts and components at reasonable prices. We care about our customers and can understand their price sensitivity and reference points very well. Our expertise focuses on developing and supplying software, hardware and other accessories in the B2B segment helping businesses to deal with the demands of a rapidly changing market.
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