The Sportswear Clothing Products Sell And Buy Through B2B And B2C Marketplace Sports are in demand since the ancient times. However with the passage of time new sports were introduced that took a brand name of most of the countries like with Pakistan the national game is Hockey. Similarly the sports clothing has immensely improved like: American Sports Wear: America has highest quality stock for football and has a wide range of helmets jerseys, pants, shoulder pads, gloves, accessories, spares and much more. In fact everything that is required by a player is available there. Basketball Wear: Basketball apparels have many brands like NIKE,UNDER ARMOUR,JORDAN,REEBOK etc. and they manufacture or sell all NBA jackets, NBA shirts, hats , basketball shorts, basketball shorts clothing and gear. Camping And Hiking Wear: Hiking and camping clothes are always durable and made though light weight material. Best worn in layers so one can easily adapt to changing conditions of weather. High boots come in handy while trekking as it saves from water and have a firm grip. Fishing Wear: Fishing wear includes women’s waders and boots and sunglasses, fly-fishing vests, chest waders, hip boots hats with sunshields and polarized sunglasses. Yoga And Fitness Wear: Yoga and fitness costume are generally made of polyester and spandex. They provide great support and coverage. It is very stretchable which hold with your shape and feel very comfortable to your skin. It also wicks away the sweat to keep you dry during your exercise. It dries off instantly and is very durable. Tennis Wear: It contains men’s and women’s tennis shorts, skirts and polo shirts in quick dry, sun protection and breathable fabrics. Knitted cotton, short, sleet shirt with a collar and three buttons opening at the neck. Women NIKE tennis Apparel offers T shirts, skirts, tank tops, warm ups, polo’s, shorts, and jackets in a wide range of styles and colors. Snow Wear: These types of apparel have high quality fabrics. They include waterproof jackets, ski pants, winter overalls. They are designed in a way that they keep a person warm. These clothes are durable and long lasting. Ice Hockey Wear: The ice hockey players usually have array of safety gear to overcome or to lessen the risk of serious injuries. Hockey helmet is an important part of this wear as it protects the player from injuries. Hockey shirts, sweaters, hats, beanies, workout clothing and footwear are all included in ice hockey wear. CONCLUSION These all points’ sums up to the point that the variety of clothes varies insignificantly in industries.
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