Importance of Telecommunications in B2B and B2C Marketplace Industry overview: Telecommunication is the transmission of messages over a large distance using hi-fi technology particularly using electromagnetic waves and electric signals. The industry is huge and spread worldwide. It is estimated to earn revenue of more $2.5 trillion worldwide. Every country has numerous mobile companies and a wide telecommunication market. There are billions of mobile users and consequently numerous mobile phone manufacturers and service providers so the importance of the telecommunications industry in B2B and B2C Marketplace is highly significant. Players of the industry: The major players in the industry are the mobile phone manufacturers. These include Apple, Samsung, Nokia and LG. The list goes on... These companies are gaining huge profit by developing the latest technology phone accompanied with its accessories and other services. Another booming segment of the industry is wireless network providers. They use the internet and electromagnetic waves in mobile phones and other devices. However the question arises since this is such a big industry how to do business in it. It would be so hard to penetrate the tight market worldwide? Well the answer is on sawdagger. Industry composition: The industry encompasses of mobile phones, TV, radio and wireless transmission equipment. Its producers, suppliers and buyers are involved in the big industry. The world has been connected like never before because of the telecommunications industry. The largest telecommunication industry is that of China, then India and on the third of the United States according to the mobile phone users. The telecommunication industry is thriving worldwide. China sees a growth rate of more than 80% each year. Germany has a growth rate of nearly 65% and the USA a growth rate of nearly 78%. The industry is not only limited to mobile phones but is so large it contains areas such as broadcasting equipment manufacturing etc. However, it is hard to go around the industry for doing business but worry not. We have the solution of that problem for you Sawdagger for the telecommunication industry: One who wishes to invest and earn profit out of this industry can do so by logging on to sawdagger and clicking on the telecommunications manufacturers and suppliers directory. It has a list of all the mobile phones, TV and radio accessories manufacturers and wholesalers. In addition all the telecommunications suppliers, distributors and producers work on the website from all over the world including organizations from China, USA, Germany and UK. It is a one stop solution for telecommunications importers and exporters to come together at one fine point to trade easily instead of passing customs. Online business is the most thriving businesses of the world. You don't have to worry about advertising to find the right investor supplier or buyer! Conclusion: Sawdagger is what you need to get into this huge telecommunication industry. It will guide you through. It has all the details and opportunities you can earn from. So log on to the sawdagger and earn profitability!
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