Importance of Textiles & Leather Products in B2B and B2C Marketplace GLOBAL INDUSTRY FACING NEW CHALLENGES: The textile and leather product industry is one of the globalized sectors in the world trade. This sector is subjected to globalization. This growing sector is facing major issues in product innovation and employee cost competencies. This sector of importance to developing countries like China , Japan and India accounts for 70% of fabric exports. New challenges have limited the growth despite the untapped potential for growth in this particular industry. At present, it is observed that The textiles and leather sectors are facing numerous challenges including a low technological base, lack of market research, less investment in R&D, untrained workforce, inferior quality standards and low-value added products. The textile wholesalers and suppliers are in the challenging phase to bear these challenges and are inclined to devise such business friendly regulatory framework which could support this particular sector. E-BUSINESS: “A NEW APPROACH”: A significant growth has been experienced by online service provider due to increasing the number of textile and leather E-marketplaces. The fabric suppliers, distributors and wholesalers are involved in textile activities to cater to changing consumer preferences. The current scenario suggests that textile activities are subjected to increased globalized pressure and requires business focusing to overcome this pressure. Other than the physical presence of textile and leather product suppliers, the wholesalers and suppliers also make grounds in the online fabric stores and other distribution networks. Additionally, the leather fabric and material manufacturer and suppliers are inclined to do business in a cost effective way by eliminating expensive intermediaries and opening markets which previously seemed impenetrable. THE GLOBAL SCENE: In the global textile and leather good industry, the industry revenue is forecasted to reach $ 91.2 bn by the year 2018, with CAGR of 3.4% Over the period of next five years. In China, the leather sector for all the textile product growth of 34.7% is observed. The Indian clothing and leather manufacturer as well traders and suppliers are successfully producing wool, silk, nylon, pillows, polyester fabric and cushions etc. This sector allows manufacturers and suppliers are not only producing textile and leather products for business sector but home textile accessories and products to individual consumers. With a huge potential for growth, it is expected that this industry will be at the forefront of the upcoming business industries list. WE HAVE TO OFFER YOU: Sawdagger provides you the services. It showcases various products that you can buy and sell all around the world. From a little cushion to a wide fabric range, all can be found on one platform. Refined fabric quality, durability and colorful product range of our wholesalers and suppliers is exhibited by making it a one stop shop for all types of customers. Now you don’t have to go and spend hours to find matching fabrics since it can all be done with a click of a button.
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