COMMODITY TRADING CONCEPT IN B2B AND B2C MARKETPLACE This is the fact that the consumers all around the world are taking advantage from the online sources to benefit their businesses. The commodity trade concept is settled well in the b2b segment, where amongst millions of businesses globally, tens of thousands of potential customers will notice which businesses you are operating in. The B2B now provides its customers a singular e commerce access point where the wholesalers and manufacturers sell their products and services at best possible price points with high quality products efficiently and effectively delivered to the prospective customers. B2B PRACTISING COMMODITY TRADING: The B2B businesses have well adopted the commodity trading concept in their management functions, business and operational processes, production and manufacturing facilities and distribution channels to channelize things in an appropriate fashion, knowing that they can connect with suppliers, agents, distributors, dealers and wholesalers from one region to another. On the other extreme, the business to consumer (B2C) segment is also targeted through “psychological as well as benefit pricing” where the customers can review suppliers products and services, offers, special sales deals, and can search, browse, post, purchase and receive companies promotional alerts, which allows them to come into the global e commerce trade with the suppliers, which would in return increase suppliers product visibility and trade site popularity. COUNTRIES ANALYSIS: The commodity trading takes place in different service and manufacturing industries, theses industries encourages agriculture,metal, machinery and transportation commodity trading between countries. A country like India encourages late evening trading in agriculture commodity to increase its market participation with a value pricing follows the global market. US has the massive trading of metals and machinery commodities which are traded in B2B marketplaces. Moreover, CHINA, JAPAN,RUSSIA, EU have successful precious metals, base metals and other commodity trading items. SAWDAGGER PROVIDES YOU GLOBAL COVERAGE: We allow our suppliers and wholesalers to take advantage of our global platform to showcase their product range. We assure you the extraordinary marketing efforts to promote your products in respective product categories. Along with the advantage of providing our clients with global market penetration, you can reduce your monthly advertising costs as well as other variable and fixed costs. The clients via logging to our e-marketplace also benefited from trade alerts wen new product or buy offers occur in the monitored categories. Moreover, the suppliers and wholesalers may earn from scraps due to the shift towards more demanding trends. We provide opportunity for our verified supplier to exhibit their unsold commodity items at low rates with attention grabbing discounted offers to sell the unused product lot. In this way the business can even earn from their unsold products and maintain their growth and profit margins at break even.
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