Importance of Transportation in B2B and B2C Marketplace Need of every era! Transportation has been a need of all the times. Whatever the goods may be, transporting them from one place to another is a necessity. With the rapid increase in technologies, transportation services are also widely required. To handle several sorts of freight needs, proper and solid transportation system is essential. Be a country agriculture-based or be it industrial-based, Transportation is necessary for both. Effective distribution: make money! Distribution of products to the retailers and the customers on time is very important for consistency and increasing sales. If a product doesn’t reach on time in the market or becomes unavailable in the market than even the loyal customers are forced to look for other alternatives. Hence, decreasing the product sales and resulting in loss. Transportation of merchandises therefore plays a major role. We are the best logistic suppliers and manufacturers, providing high quality transportation that you can now buy in bulk for your organization or industry. Automobile transport Services: Sawdagger is an impressive virtual, service provider that meets the needs of importers and exporters. Automobile transportation companies can purchase log transporting trucks, front end loaders etc. We provide services like full container transport, warehouse, courier, air freight, express, and even local transport services in India, USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Germany, and the United Kingdom and all over the world. We are the logistic suppliers. We even supply machinery, old motorcycles and parts etc. in bulk as well as in small quantities for individual’s use that may be a wholesaler or a supplier. Wholesales for businesses! Do you want to set up a business, or import a lot of new cars or other vehicles for your showroom? You can get it all in high quality and most cost-effective prices from the very responsible, commendable, safe service provider, Sawdagger Services. We display School buses, electric rail systems and RC planes for sale. You can buy in bulk qualities of transport related items that are displayed by our suppliers. We will provide you with the best item in the best conditions anywhere in the world. Market value of transportation: 9.3 percent of GDP of USA is spent over transportation. China’s economy is expected to grow $450 billion due to its expanding logistic market. In Vietnam, 9-10% of GDP is spent on transport. 6.4% of GDP of India is invested in the transport system to cater the needs of 1.1 billion people. Why buy from Sawdagger? Sawdagger provides you services via cargo, shipment and others all across the world. From as small as a nut to big trucks, it’s all available here. Excellent performance, economical prices, stable quality, availability and competitive products are what make Sawdagger different from all. We provide services not only for business purposes in bulk but also for the individual’s need. The key benefit to all the wholesalers and suppliers that we provide is worldwide market penetration!
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