Importance of Luggage and Travel Accessories Industries in B2B and B2C Marketplace The Luggage Market : The growing number of shopping malls and contemporary retailing outlets has subsidized the growth of the bags category around the globe. The Western Culture has increasing impact on buyer’s mind which forces the luggage manufactures and wholesalers to adopt a marketing strategy which could drive volume and value sales of travelling accessories and bags. The importance of luggage and travel accessories industries can be assessed due to its competitive nature in B2B and B2C marketplace. There are many recognized and unrecognized players in a worldwide luggage market. The competition is heavily based on product quality, durability, reliability, product pricing, technology, marketing, brand name and corporate image. The market research based on the luggage and travel accessories suggests that the travel and tourism market which are the key drivers of luggage business is expected to reach 1.0 billion in the year 2013. Country Analysis : The countries like US, China, Japan and India represented strongest inbound tourism growth. The Asian regions showed more growth due to the increasing consumer demands. The luggage and travel accessories markets allow the wholesalers and suppliers, digital Gear, Camera Bags, cases, supplies, laptops, duffle bags, Sports & Leisure Bags, wheeled duffle and Travel Bags. The re-sellers and wholesalers are also in the limelight of exchanging the products in the B2B segment however also provide facilitation to the consumers for their personal usage. The leather wallets and Holders suppliers are focusing on creating more unique designs that should look aesthetically appealing and are light weighted. In the B2C segment, the sports bags cameras, backpacks, straps, rolling bags and other sport and travel accessories are the most important categories. The Indian luggage market was estimated to make Rs.400 crore in the year 2010 and the target has achieved. Overall the per annum growth rate is expected to grow to 10-15%. Other countries are also on the same page in earning profit margins in the luggage and tourism industry. Overall it is predicted that a substantial increase of 14 to 15% is expected to reach between 2010 and 2015. Sawdagger – A Global Service Provider: Sawdagger an online exclusive universal B2B and B2C marketplace which allows the wide range of product supplies by our verified Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Distributers, Agents, and Forwarders to be available to the customers. We assure buyers and sellers the trustworthiness and fair dealing in the trade process with an aim of facilitating both the business customers as well the individual users. Providing B2B segment with exceptional service and product attributes which could add value in your daily routine tasks. We guarantee for the fastest distribution channels in exchanging the desired products demanded by different types of customers.
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