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Alshams For Import And Export  Egypt

We offer white kidney beans with high quality
Time Left: 179 ds, 3 hs, 52 ms
Strike Price (FOB): $2.00 per Ton(s);
Minimum Order: 20.00 Ton(s) Current Price: $ 1.00 /  0 Offers

Do you need yellow/green split peas?
Time Left: 360 ds, 3 hs, 5 ms
FOB Price: $1.00 to 1.00 per Kilogram(s)
Minimum Order: 1.00 Kilogram(s)
alragab company  Egypt

We are Al-Ragab Company for Import and Export in Egypt . We can provide you with the best quality and any quantity of the produ
Time Left: 178 ds, 2 hs
Strike Price (FOB): $15.00 per Ton(s);
Minimum Order: 25.00 Ton(s) Current Price: $ 5.00 /  0 Offers

AGRARIAN CENTER, a big Ukrainian Agricultural Company provides supplies of peas large volume originated from Ukraine to the countries of CIS, EU,...
Time Left: 219 ds, 3 hs, 34 ms
FOB Price: $1.00 to 1.00 per Bag(s)
Minimum Order: 1.00 Bag(s)
Alshamstrading  Egypt

We offer white kidney beans with high quality and competitive price .
Time Left: 40 ds, 1 h, 38 ms
Strike Price (FOB): $15.00 per Ton(s);
Minimum Order: 25.00 Ton(s) Current Price: $ 2.00 /  0 Offers
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