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Jorgen Lindgaard  Denmark

Available in different grades, Cashew Nuts come in different size packaging. The Cashew Nuts are well acknowledged for their freshness, long shel...
Time Left: 127 ds, 19 hs, 39 ms
Strike Price (FOB): $2000.00 per Ton(s);
Minimum Order: 25.00 Ton(s) Current Price: $ 1500.00 /  0 Offers
Basckasuto Es Tyson  Hungary

We are supplier of all types of nuts in Hungary. See details below.
Time Left: 2 ds, 20 hs, 1 m
Strike Price (FOB): $1500.00 per Metric Ton(s);
Minimum Order: 18.00 Metric Ton(s) Current Price: $ 1400.00 /  0 Offers