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E Is For Addiction

An electronic cigarette also referred as smokeless cigarette is a device which simulates tobacco smoking. It is a battery operated device, which uses an atomizer to vaporize a nicotine solution. Mostly they look like a real cigarette or a cigar, but some electronic cigarettes have different appearance. When the user takes a puff on one end, the battery operated atomizer heats up the often flavored nicotine solution, to make vapors that are inhaled. This gives a sensation of having smoke in the mouth without smoking actually.
Users can buy e-cigarettes online. They are also available in certain manufacturers' outlets.
Benefits There are not many benefits of e-cigarette which is why FDA is still not willing to approve them as a non-hazardous device for the users. It is not yet declared as a consumer friendly, healthy device. The only few things advocated as a positive effect are listed below:
  • The manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes prove to be a reliable aid for the hopeless cases which are unable to quit smoking using pharmaceutical advice or medical assistance.
  • Due to chain smoking the finger nails tend to become yellowish. With the use of e-cigarettes, this is not a problem anymore.
  • The teeth can also be protected against yellowish tint caused by the use of regular cigarettes.
  • Similarly, the gums are no more going to be grey like they are when using tobacco cigarettes.
  • They tend to improve taste buds as food tastes and smells better.
  • They cause less breathlessness during exercises in contrary to regular cigarettes. They also improve over all stamina of the user.
  • The users have reported to say that they help them fight the craving for real cigarettes and assist them in coping with the withdrawal symptoms as well as relapsing into the smoking habit.
  • Being reusable, they save money.
  • The first and foremost objection made by the regulatory authorities is that these cigarettes lack clear usage instructions, health warnings and safe disposable methods. They also pose a threat to young people, as they are appealing and are not banned as they do not contain any tobacco.
  • The usual symptoms of headache, dry mouth, sore throat, muscle aches and coughing associated with regular tobacco smoking are also found in users of smokeless cigarettes. The main reason being the use of nicotine in them. Nicotine is the main ingredient in tobacco which is mainly responsible for the damages it causes.
Vaporizers Vaporizers are ideal for people who want to quit smoking due to its harmful effects but still want to experience the pleasure of smoking. Among vaporizers, vaporizer pens (resembling a pen) are the most popular because they are convenient to use and small in size. Other than nicotine solution, waxes, oils and other dry blends can also be used in a vaporizer pen. They broaden the horizon for the user as other than essential oils, different herb mixtures can be used to produce vapors. They seem to be a healthy alternative to smoking without compromising the addiction of filling your mouth and lungs with fumes.