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Farm Machinery and Its Role in Development

It is found that due to the fast and continuous increase in the population of the world and limited cultivation, now every agriculture sector is depending much on the farm machinery. Now farm machinery plays and important role to sustain and increase the agriculture production in order to fulfil the need of increased population. Farm machinery is any instrument or tool that farmers use to until, plant, cultivate, harvest or feed crops, as well as tractors, plows, disks, planters, wagons and combines. Importance of farm machinery Due to the advancement in the agriculture field with the help of farm machinery, now agriculture have become more vast. Agriculture is now well established and it is more easy to do and understand the techniques of agriculture. Farm machinery decreases the requirement for farm staff and labor and decrease work load to much extent, instead of paying salaries to multiple workers, the fashionable farmer uses his monetary resources to get and maintain farm instrumentation. How farm machinery is helpful in increasing the agriculture? One of the best advantage which agriculture got because of the farm machinery is the saving of time according to the demand and economic conditions. Farm machinery helps in, in-time and fast sowing and harvesting of fields. Instead of manual systems now when machinery is used so it makes the whole agriculture system way fast. Farm machinery helps to increase the yield and it provides relief to farmers from the bad weather or labour shortage issue. Types of farm machinery There are two types for which farm machinery is used, and the types of farm machinery is segregated in to two types which are;
  • Tractors for agriculture
  • Machinery used for farm implements
In agriculture farm machinery tractors are used to sow and harvest Jowar, Sugarcane, Paddy and wheat. With the help of machinery now farmers can grow three times fast as compared to pair of bullock. Machinery allows farmers to cultivate 125 acres per season, whereas pair of bullock allows 12 acres only, so result is fast growth and increased income. The farm machinery which is used for agriculture includes Disc Plough Agricultural Machinery, Disc Harrow Agriculture Machine 105, and Agriculture Far Ridger. The tractors used as farm machinery are T4 power star, T4 series, T5 series, T6 series, T7 series, T8 series and T9 series Tier 4A tractors. These are the most common in use. Fields in which farm machinery is used
  • Soil cultivation
  • Planting
  • Fertilizing & Pest Control
  • Irrigation
  • Produce sorter
  • Harvesting / post-harvest
  • Hay making
  • Loading
  • Milking
In all these fields farm machinery plays vast role to enhance efficient productivity according to the demand of growing population. The basic technology of farm machinery has modified very little within the last century. But within the predictable future, there is also expected production of driverless tractors that use GPS maps and electronic sensors. Consecutive advance in farming are going to be the electrification of agricultural machines to boost energy potency reduces the environmental energy budget and increase amount of agriculture.