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We offer white kidney beans with high quality
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Wonders of kidney beans

Kidney beans named after the human vital organ kidney because its shape is similar to kidney. It is also been accepted that it helps in curing kidney related diseases and proven very healthy. The scientific name of kidney beans is Phaseolus vulgaris. It is used in many delicious food recipes. In North American regional recipes and Asian foods, it has been added quite often. It is toxic and cannot be eaten raw. It must be boiled for at least 30 minutes in order to eliminate any possible toxin. It is an integral part of many types of salads.

It is healthy

Kidney beans have fiber, thus, it is recommended to lower the cholesterol level. It is also very helpful in lowering the blood sugar level. Thus, people who have diabetes should eat them. It has the ability to soak the seasonings of the recipe that is how it becomes so juicy and tasty. It is available in all seasons and many food preserving companies are supplying canned beans on several super stores all around the world. It has a rare mineral in it called molybdenum. Molybdenum is uncommon though it is needed by human beings as it detoxifies the sulfites.

Iron power

Kidney beans are an excellent source of boosting up the reserves of iron in human body. Though iron is essential for our body, we must know how to preserve it by taking proper healthy and balanced diet. Kidney beans surely help a great deal in conserving the iron. Though iron can be taken in form of red meat but as we all know that red meat is not healthy for our body so red peas are the perfect replacement of red meat. Moreover, it has fiber; it is very low in calorie, fat free, and very beneficial for enzyme systems.
Thus, kidney beans are healthy food item for growing children, diabetic patients, high cholesterol patients and adults equally. For effective and smart cognitive functioning of brain one needs thymine i.e. vitamin B1. It synthesizes important neurotransmitter that is vital for memory maintenance. Kidney beans also take part in increasing your intelligence by providing sufficient amount of Thiamine.

Chronicles of kidney beans

In Peru, many years ago, beans were discovered. As we all know that beans are of several kinds with peculiar characteristics of each. The sound benefits of each and every kind of beans do differ. They vary in colors as well.
In Spain they reached in 15th century, thanks to the Spanish explorers who were on their voyage of discovering the new world. But its use started from Central America, we owe the use of kidney beans to those Indian traders who were migrating from Peru and carry these beans with themselves to central and southern parts of the America.
Afterwards, Spanish and Portuguese traders introduced the beans to the worlds of Asia and Africa while they embark on their journey. It gained popularity majorly because of its inexpensive nature. It is affordable for all kinds of people. It is also considered to be a very good substitute for red meat for all those people who cannot afford to have red meat in their meals to satisfy their protein needs. It has now become a very significant commercial export commodity for countries such as India, Indonesia, China, Brazil and US of America.