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vanilla beans
Price: $ 575.00 per Kilogram(s)
Fresh Egyptian Water Melons
Price: $ 15.00 per Ton(s)
Pakistani Oranges
Price: $ 5.50 to 7.00 per Box(es)
Fresh Egyptian Onions
Price: $ 2.00 per Ton(s)
Fresh Egyptian lemon
Price: $ 2.00 per Ton(s)
Fresh Egyptian artichoke
Price: $ 2.00 per Ton(s)
Dried lemon
Price: $ 2.00 per Ton(s)
Fresh Egyptian Onions
Price: $ 2.00 per Ton(s)
we offer fresh pomegranates
Price: $ 11.00 per Ton(s)
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Rice Suppliers around the Globe

Rice is a major food essential and a primary food intake for the population and their food safety. It is mostly cultivated by small farmers in possessions of less than 1 hectare. Rice is also a net commodity for workers in the cash crop or non-agricultural regions. Developing countries account for 95 percent of the aggregate production, with China and India alone responsible for nearly half of the world production. Rice exporters, rice suppliers, rice dealers, rice traders and rice millers are working at their best to provide the finest quality of rice to the world. The export of quality rice is done mostly from rice producing countries that are well known in agricultural products. How supply is doneRice suppliers usually offer the affordable rice at wholesale prices on the market and different quality rice is also delivered with prompt shipments and delivery to establishments, administration agencies, corporations and traders from every part of the world. Not only companies export rice, but most of the individual customers import or buy rice directly from farmers. The rice wholesalers also buy rice from the farmers and ships to the buyers such as rice dealers, rice exporters and importers with fair trade. Profit-making ProductThe trade of rice is really a profit making business that compels the rice trader never to exit this trade. As with the growing population and many other issues people are now moving more towards the consumption of rice. A businessman, who wants to deal in wholesale rice or supplying of rice on a large scale, is opting for the most lucrative business available in most parts of the globe. Everyone needs rice as it is the essential diet for many regions; there is always a demand for rice products in every city of world. Rice ManufacturersA lot of rice manufacturers all over the world producing rice within their private areas by using the best fertilizers for the growth and fine quality.  Operations from transport, storage, packaging and delivering are monitored closely by the manufacturers to ensure customers’ satisfaction. All rice mills are equipped with newest state of the art rice milling machineries and are being operated by well trained and skilled staff. Leading Rice CompaniesRice suppliers on a large scale serve all major divisions of the rice industry; be it food services, exporting, importing, retailing, private labeling for import or export. Offering all local varieties from every country and sizes desired. A rice supplier earns a good profit by the efficiency and swiftness of services as well as in effectiveness of shipping facilities whereby customers worldwide are confident of complete reliability. Most Demanded CategoryBasmati rice is a most demanded agro product, due to the inventions of different rice dishes, people prefer to have any variation of rice in their meals. Basmati rice is a finest form of rice that is more costly than the normal rice available. Basmati rice suppliers are less as compared to others due to the quality issues. Basmati rice is usually preferred due the quality, taste, shape and size of the rice.