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Tools are the machines and apparatus which are employed for construction and repairing. The evidence of the presence of tools was found in Ethiopia 2.6 million years back. The urge of manufacturing new tools has revolutionized the industries. Nanotechnology in tool industry is aiding in manufacturing the tools as minute and tiny objects. According to 2013 survey, the biggest tool consuming country was China where $38.5 billion valued tools were installed which is higher than one-third of China's imports. Switzerland, Taiwan and South Korea were the elite consumers of tools in the list based on per-capita. On a survey carried out in 2012, the world's biggest tool producer was China with a turnover of $28 billion in 2011. Sawdagger.com it is an online unique global B2B and B2C marketplace and trading directory Which Tools are you looking for? We have a wide range of Tools Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Distributers, Agents, and Forwarders. If you are Seller post your products if you are buyer, buy Products at excellent price. Sawdagger having excellent buying and Selling features like Buy now, make offer (bidding), fixed price and future trade (a concept of Commodity exchange). We have a broad range on Construction Tools, Garden Tools, Hand Tools, Lifting Tools, Power Tools, Tool Sets, Tools Packaging, Electric Hammer, Grinding Wheel, Hot Melt Glue Sticks, Electric Screwdriver, Spade & Shovel and many Other Tools products. This is widely imported and exported to USA, UK, China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada and European Union.
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