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What verification means at sawdagger:

To get the most of your sawdagger membership , you need to complete a few steps to get verified:
  • Upload your company / individual documents as a proof of address,
  • Verify your registered address through verification code.

Benefits of being verified

  • Buyers prefer to buy from verified sellers because only Sawdagger offers a secured buyer protection program when a business is carried out with a verified user.
  • Only verified members get the opportunity of posting up to 100 products in order to enhance their presence on Sawdagger.
  • More buyers are attracted via multiple image display option offered by Sawdagger to verified users as a product speaks for itself.
  • Buyers will visualize your products 400 times higher by a powerful multiple category display feature offered to verified members.
  • Buyers for customized/unique products can also be arranged for verified users.
  • Buyers at Sawdagger will visualize the verified member's products as a priority during a search.
  • Buyers also find verified suppliers' products through their visibility on Sawdagger's social media accounts and search engines.

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