Multi-language LED 400mg/h ozone generator for household pre-filtration
Multi-language LED 400mg/h ozone generator for household pre-filtration
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Brief Description :Ozone Function 1. Kill Bacteria 99% 2. Kill Flu Viruses 99% 3. Decompose Pesticide 98.8% 4. Decompose Formaldehyde 43%
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 : AA-004
Multi-language LED 400mg/h ozone generator for household pre-filtration
Model No.: AA-004 (Ozonator)
Voltage: AC110~240V/50Hz
Power Consumption: 15W
Ozone Output: 400mg/h
Ozone Working Time: 5-30min per time
Operation Mode: 6 modes (water purification, fruit & vegetable sterilization, daily necessities disinfection, fish & meat disinfection, air purification, disinfection & sterilization)
Product Size: 31.5*21.5*5cm
Color Box Size: 36.1*10.6*28.8cm
Net Weight: 1.42kg
Features of LED Ozonator
1, the new LED touch screen panel, the operation is more simple and convenient;
2, high quality enamel tube, pure oxygen, not easy to crack;
3, epoxy resin vacuum package high-pressure module, moisture resistance, shock resistance;
4, dedicated oxygen pump, long life, good stability;
5, modular and plug-in design, easy maintenance, good reliability;
6, two different colors of the outlet pipe, easy to distinguish, more sanitary;
7, three explosive stone to meet different needs;
8, the body space is small, can be flat or wall;
9, user-friendly design, soft lines, leading the fashion.
Ozone (O3), also known as superoxide, is an allotrope of oxygen (O2). Ozone is named after the Greek work 'OZEIN', meaning 'smell'.
Ozone Synonyms:
? O3
? Activated Oxygen
? Trioxide
? Triatomic Oxygen
Ozone is a naturally occurring substance that is sometimes called 'activated oxygen'. It is a molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. It contains three atoms of oxygen (O3) instead of the usual two found in normal oxygen (O2). At room temperature, it is a light blue gas with a special odor. Ozone occurs quite readily in nature, most often as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms.

Ozone Generator for Water Treatment

Ozone for drinking water treatment, sterilization effect is good, no secondary pollution, also decolonization, odor, iron, manganese, oxidation decomposition of organic matter and coagulant aid effect. Some reports pointed out that ozone disinfects all harmful substances in water.

Do you know that drinking ozonized water in daily life has many benefits as we are always exposed to pollutants and toxins daily ? the air you breathe may be polluted, the water you drink might be contaminated and the food you eat may contain lots of preservatives, artificial colorings, flavorings and others.

Actually, some studies have shown that drinking ozonized water in daily life can accelerate metabolism,increase oxygen in water, lengthen cell life and also help with uric acid and gout problems.

Ozonized Water Functions

1. It's used for washing hand to kill virus, bacteria and reduce decease.
2. It can eliminate the harmful substance such as remained pesticide on rice.
3. Degrade the remained Agrochemical on vegetable and fruit after soaking in ozonized water.

4. To soak all kinds of animal meat can reduce hormone and the growth hormone.
5. To clean dishware with the ozone water can kill virus, bacteria, prevent decease.
6. For cleaning and brushing teeth, removing the bad smell of mouth, and assist to cure pharyngitis, Stomatitis, and so on.
7. To soak your face with it can remove the filth and the cosmetic remaining to prevent virus growing and improve the skin respiration and expedite metabolism, smooth skin, and at the same time have good effect on killing facial mite.
8. Clean feet, kill virus and prevent from virus growing, assist to cure all kinds of skin decease, remove the peculiar smell.
9. Use the water to wash hair or take shower can prevent skin decease effectively, especially for lady.
10. Use for cleaning baby clothes and urine cloth and bed clothing, nipple, dishware and toy to kill the virus and bacteria.
11. Use for cleaning teeth brush, towel, basin and so on to kill virus and prevent decease.
12. Use for washing clothes can save detergent and kill virus, prevent cross infection and reduce decease.

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1. Color Box: 36.1*10.6*28.8cm 2. Outside Carton Size: 55*37*60cm 3. Gross Weight: 17kg/carton Our packaging is usually ordinary packaging and folding carton packaging, we can do the packaging according to customer requirements.
1. OEM Manufacturing welcome: Product, Package... 2. Sample order 3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours. 4. after sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.
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