air line filter
air line filter
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 : YD series air filter

Coalescing Filters

Coalescing Filters are probably the most important items of purification requirements in a compressed air system, which are designed not only to filter oil vapor and water, but also to filter solid particulates to an acceptable level as small as 0.01 micron in size. Usually, in the installation system, the fist filter's purpose is to pre-filter, protect the high efficiency filters from bulk contamination so as to provide high quality compressed air. If the air filters worked under damp or full of water adsorption condition, it would prevent the compressed air from getting through the filter element, and the air flow would force the liquid to get through from the pores of the element media, thus increase working pressure drop and reduce filtration performance.

Activated Carbon Filters

Oil vapor can easily get through the coalescing filters in a state of gaseous, so the adsorptive filter must provide large activated carbon adsorption bed. Because the damp air will reduce the adsorptive ability of the activated carbon, the adsorptive filter usually installed after the adsorptive dryer, in order to guarantee effective removal of oil vapor and peculiar odor. It's not used to remove the liquid oil or aerosols, thus poor maintenance and lack of pre-filter will accelerate its invalidation.

  • The filter housing is aluminium alloy die-casting, with tight and strong structure, has long life span. All the housing painted before cleaning, degreasing and special anti-corrosion treatment, which enhanced its durability.
  • Smaller and compact filter due to the advance filter element designing idea.
  • The filter housing's service life is 15 years, and the filter element can be used for 6000~8000 hours under working environment from temperature 1.5~80?, pressure is under 1.6 Mpa, also applicable to ocean platform operation.
  • The housing can bear pressure 32 kg.f for 96 hours, and the maximum burst pressure is 90 kg.f.
  • Precise screw thread makes installation easier, and parallel connection of the housing can save installation and maintenance space.

YD series compressed air filter details

1 Rational screw thread design and sophisticated thread processing save user's time and effort.

2 The A grade raw materials are used to ensure the product toughness, strength and stability.

3 The international leading anti-corrosion technology greatly enhanced the housing corrosion resistance, enlarged application field and avoid the secondary pollution from itself.

4 YUKA's core part-liquid mirror, checks the blockage condition of the drain.

5 The arrow marks let the operators understand clearly the air flow direction.

6 Parallel connection of the housing can save installation and maintenance space.

7 & 8 The DP gauge or indicator is equipped to measure the pressure difference and indicate premature blockage of the filter element, so as to prevent too big pressure difference and abnormal filter element blockage.(IF the indicating needle is in the green zone, it means no need to replace the filter element.)

Filteration performance:

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